We're here to make your offline business Online Friendly. Here's how:

Weekly group coaching and custom action plans that produce real results for your local business.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You're an established business serving local customers.

Most of your customers come through word-of-mouth referrals, in-person networking, personal relationships, and some advertising.

You're not growing as quickly as you used to.

You've hit a plateau where you're not finding as many new customers. Things are going well, but you feel like you could be doing better.

You have a budget to invest in new growth.

You need to put more time and resources into your marketing, especially online, and you're ready to make the investment.

But you're facing some problems...

You're busy.

You're working on the day-to-day operations of your business. You have customers to look after. Maybe even employees to manage.

You don’t know where to start.

When you do find the time, everything quickly becomes more technically daunting and convoluted.

You wonder if it's worth it.

You're afraid of wasting your time and money on things that won’t have a measurable impact on your business. 

What if you knew how to...

Get a head start?

What if you knew exactly what to spend and how much time to invest? What if you were shown exactly where to start, and what steps to take?

Keep up the momentum?

What if you had ongoing support for all the challenges that are specific to your business? What if someone else filtered out the noise for you?

Find help when you need it?

What if you knew exactly what you or your team can do? And what if you knew exactly when you should bring on additional technical expertise or experience?

This isn't an online course.

Online Friendly isn't a product.

We're not taking you through prepared material. We're not prescribing a one-size-fits-all solution. We're not leaving you stranded with unanswered questions.

Online Friendly is a process.

We're walking you through the steps of identifying your challenges, setting goals, finding solutions, and taking quick action to see real impact on your business.

Here's what we're offering:

Actionable Advice

Personalized consulting and training to work through the problems you're facing right now.

Group Coaching

Ongoing support through weekly group consulting calls & assignments.

Curated Resources

We’ll guide you through best practices built around resources from top industry sources.

We're a team of web professionals on a mission to make a real impact on local small businesses.

Brent Kobayashi

Brent Kobayashi has been making the online world friendly for more than 20 years as president of Toronto digital marketing firm Kobayashi + Zeitguys.

Andy McIlwain

Andy has spent the last ten years helping small businesses get online through his work as a web professional, community organizer, and educator.

Starting at $500/mo for founding members

If you’re not seeing the success that you want, you’re free to walk away at any time and get your money back.
No contracts, no long-term commitments.

Interested in joining? Have questions? Give us your email address and we'll follow up with details.